How does Rarely work?

When you buy a digital collectable on Rarely you will be sent an email with the corresponding file (usually within 24 hours). Rarely utilizes the common web technologies you are already familiar with, and requires no complex wallet.

What can I do with my collectables?

Rarely digital collectables are incredibly flexible. You can display them on screens, trade or sell them with friends or even pass them down to your children. As an added bonus, digital collectables will never show the passage of time.

Is Rarely bad for the environment?

Unlike many competing digital collectable outlets you may have heard of, Rarely is very environmentally friendly, using an almost immeasurable amount of power for each email transaction. Rarely is the only truly green choice!

How do I sell my Rarely collectable?

You may need to make space on your hard drive or a collectable may have increased in value. Whatever the reason, Rarely makes it easy to sell. Decide on a price, and after receiving payment, transfer the collectable file to the new owner. After the transaction simply delete the collectable from your device.

I’m worried that I may lose my collectable

We recommend printing out your collectables (this is known as 'cold storage’) to keep them safe. Remember to delete the collectable from your hard drive after printing to avoid duplication. If you need to send the collectable at a later date, scan in the print.

How do I know the collectables I purchase on Rarely are genuine?

Every collectable is sent with a certificate of authenticity to give you peace of mind. This is something many of our competitors do not offer!

Does Rarely accept payments in cryptocurrency?

Not at this time.